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Email: info@cecweb.ca    Phone: GTA: 905-270-9751,   Golden Tri: 519-489-2587 Fax: 888-859-0139
"Building Solid Foundations for Horse and Rider"
Bording and Quality care at an afordable price; also offering Lessons, Shows, and Camps. We have a great family atmosphere catering to riders interested in a range of disiplines from pleasure riders to show horses, dressage, hunter, jumper, etc. Something for most anyone to enjoy!
Top Quiality Riding Rings - Harrowed daily and Dust Free* (outdoor watered at least once any day it doesn't rain).
Come out for a tour!

June Update

THANK YOU So much to those that have donated in April and May.  We really apprciate it! We wouldn't have been able to keep all the school horses without your help.
June we are not out of the woods yet.  Although we are allowed to start up with some services, we can not return to normal operations. which means it will still be very difficult to keep the horse thourghout the summer, and the winter even harder as our high/busy season looks to be shrinking more and more.
Continute to help by signing up for some Private Lessons!  Or Donate if you prefer.
Note: due to social distancing rules still in place; beginner lessons where you need close 1 on 1 help is not yet possible.
If you have outstanding lessons with us, and have not received our email. please let us know.
We will hold a draw soon for those that have donated so far and will contact the winner(s).
1. Pack of 4 private lessons
2. 1 private lesson
3. 1 Coaching at a show (assuming we have some)
After some thought, and the constant uncertainty of the future, we believe it best to draw 6 private lessons.  We should be doing it soon and will contact the winnders (updated June 4,2020).

May Update
Thank you so much to all those able to help out in April! we basically covered the food for all of our schoolies.
It doesn't appear we will be able to starup again in May... fingers crossed we can in June (current "plan" suggest we should be able to do something by then).
May is the month for blacksmith and vaccinations!  If  you are able to help cover costs for food and some of the vet expenses, we hope to increase our sponsorship a little this month!

Thank you again! And we hope to see many of you soon!

2020 Schooling Show Schedule

NOTE: We are not sure with COVID what this will actually look like.  We assume June will not happen and unlikely not July either. Fingers Crossed for Aug & Sept! 
online entries at https://horseshow.website

Arena Rental

Competition Arena Rentals

Arena 100x220' Complete.

Rent our competition arena with Trillium Show Jumps and Fill for $50/horse (about 1 hr), or exclusively for 1 hour ($200).