Boarding / Part-Boarding Information:

CEC is dedicated to horses and their owners. We strive to ensure all boarders and their horses are taken care of in the best possible way. With over 40 stalls we are a sizeable operation. There are a number of large group pastures as well as smaller groups and individual turn out available. Each horse is provided with a custom feed program; we will also feed specific/specialty diets on request (please speak to us for details).

If there is anything else that you need and we have not listed here, please just ask, as we will likely accomodate your request. We are here to look after both you and your horse as best we can.

Facility Highlights:

  • Indoor arena with dust free footing (regularly treated), harrowed frequently.
    • 100x220 Competition Ring, 70x170 "warm-up" ring, 40x70 holding area.
  • One of the largest outdoor rings in the area with high quality footing
    • Watered Regularly
    • Harrowed Daily
  • Full Size Dressage ring with letters.
  • Very large paddocks, maintained yearly (weeds cut, harrowed, stones removed*, seeded as needed)
  • Great care and well maintained facility all at a reasonable price!


Indoor facilities: include large box stalls, insulated brick barn with a hot/cold wash rack, heated tack rooms with large, full sized, lockers and indoor bathroom for boarders.

TWO Indoor Arenas 100x220' and a 70x170', connected by a 40x70 holding area

Outdoor/Arena facilities: include 9 large paddocks and 3 individual turn-out paddocks, Outdoor a 250x120' sand ring, a 20x60m dressage ring, miles of hacking. There is plenty of space for a "cross-country" course... we just haven't found the time to do it yet. We would be happy to chat with anyone that would like to take on this task and compensate them.


Along with our facility we offer top class coach(es), farrier and veterinarian.  or bring your own*.


Boarding Fee Schedule

We would like to encourage you to come for a tour and discuss your horses individual needs.


Outdoor Board:

Large paddock with run-in shelter by Systemfencing.

Other options & services available at additional cost. Contact Marc to discuss details.

Year round access to Hay - and Grass in summer.



Part Boarding

Want to ride more often, but don't want the expense, worries, etc, of owning your own horse. Want to work on your flat without taking lessons. Part-Boarding is the perfect way to spend more time with your favourite CEC horse! Feel free to contact us or drop in the office to learn more!


Monthly Commitment (must sign contract to get the following rates):

Part-Board is $470 / month (includes taxes - Lessons included; one per week in a group (4/month), 2 practice ride)

Quarter Board is $360.00 / month (includes taxes - Lessons included; one per week in group (4/month), 1 practice rides)

*Contract will require 30-days notice of canceling part/quart-boarding.

*When a month has 5 weeks on your lesson day, you will be expected to pay an extra $45/lesson


*Prices subject to change without notice.


Payment Options:

Payments made by Credit Card* or PayPal will be charged a 3% convenience fee (after applicable taxes).

Personal Cheques are accepted, but invoices are not considered paid until the cheque clears (typically 6 business days). There is a $25 fee for bad cheques; late fees may also apply.

*Credit card payments via PayPal (no account required)