(Please see posted rules in the barn - which supercede these, but should generally be the same).


Horses are large, fast, immensely powerful animals that possess strong herd and fright/flight instincts.  Understanding risks of horse activities and learning what can be done to manage them is a responsibility for everyone who has a horse in their lives.

  • When you ride – you do so at your own risk.
  • Rider's Waiver Form must be Signed before getting on any horse (once per person).
  • Helmets must be worn at all times while on horseback (and properly fastened).
  • No Jumping outside of CEC approved times, or over show fences/fill without prior permission. (typically a text to Management is sufficient if the rider owns the horse and is over 18 years old).
  • CEC Lessons Have Ring Priority! You must obtain instructors permission to ride with the lesson and keep at its pace.
  • Clean up after your horse before and after you ride.
  • No lunging in the arena when three (3) or more people are riding; and only in APPROVED rings. Riders have Priority, please ask if they are ok sharing the ring.
  • It is strongly suggested that you ride with a buddy at all times.
  • Minors should be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Be courteous to everyone on the property.
  • If you or your horse or dog makes a mess, please clean it up.
  • Doubling is not permitted.
  • Riders pass left shoulder to left shoulder.
  • Leave a 3 ft distance when passing on the trail.
  • Leave a minimum of one horse length between the horse in front and you.
  • Do not block the flow of traffic.
  • If a rider is in trouble; halt and wait for the rider to regain control.
  • No riding in paddocks or open fields unless designated a riding area.
  • No riding outside after dark (unless in a well lit ring that CEC has approved for use at night).
  • Anyone who does not observe the posted rules will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Hacking: minors should be accompanied by an adult.  Before leaving you should inform a staff member when you are going and when you should be expected back (or leave a note and time you left on the notice board)


Horse Safety

  • Horses are not to be tied and left alone
  • Do not free a horse in the arena.  Staff may do so when no good alternative for turnout is possible for a given horse.
  • Dogs that cause "trouble" (trouble as determined by CEC at its sole and absolute discretion) must be kept on a leash at all times, or may be asked to leave.
  • Anyone found to be mistreating or abusing a horse will be asked to leave immediately and  will be banned from the property.


Barn Safety

  • Each horse’s halter is his/hers; please do not borrow a horse's halter.
  • Shovels, brooms and muck rakes must be put away and kept out of the isles
  • Do not leave tack, halters or lead ropes lying in the isles, stalls or tack stalls
  • You may Smoke on the property, However, ONLY IN DESIGNATED AREAS. No smoking is allowed in the barns/buildings at any time.
  • When entering the arena, knock first, call out that you are entering ("Door!"), pause, and then carefully open the door.

General Safety

  • Report all hazardous conditions or any unsafe work areas immediately to barn Management.
  • Do not tamper with or try to fix electrical equipment unless authorized to do so.
  • Operate machinery only if you have been authorized to do so.

Fire & Emergency

  • No Smoking allowed, period!
  • No flammable materials may be stored in the stable vicinity or on the property unless authorized to do so.
  • Fire extinguishers have been installed throughout the facility.  Please make yourself aware of their locations.

In the Event of a Fire

  • If you notice signs of a fire, sound the alarm and get assistance immediately
  • DO NOT enter an area if it is engulfed in flames
  • Call 911
  • Warn people in the immediate area and direct them to the parking lot outside the barn and call local veterinarians
  • Check your clothing and wet it down if you are wearing flammable fabric
  • Look for and assist anyone in danger, if it is safe to do so!
  • If your clothing catches fire, don’t run. .STOP, DROP and ROLL